House of Hazards Online

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Welcome to House of Hazards a fun multiplayer game where each player completes tasks around the house while avoiding hazards. How far will you get before one of your friends trips you up? Can you belive The house wants to hurt you! Health and safety? There is none here. There are dodgy light fittings, misfiring taps, and flying toast slices trying to knock you down. This isn’t a fever dream. It’s the daily struggle for those living in the House of Hazards. Step up and see what menial household tasks you can achieve today. Ultimately, your goal is to leave the house. You’ll have various tasks to complete. These are simple things - making coffee, checking the mailbox, watering flowers. But, the other house members will be waiting - watching for you to walk into their trap before you can do it. If you’re in the position of causing hazards, there is plenty you can do to make your housemates lives miserable. You can fire taps, toast, and lasers at them. Drop lights on their heads. You can even pick up their limp bodies off the floor and lock them in a chest!

Player 1 Controls A D - Move Change hazard selection W - Jump S - Crouch Grab player Activate hazard Player 2 Controls J L - Move Change hazard selection I - Jump K - Crouch Gr


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